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Brokerage: Terms and Conditions

Users are able to search for properties using our online filtered-search tool and may then book appointments to view properties;

  • Users warrant that they are over 18 years of age and are legally bound by the acceptance of these terms
  • Although we, SLPM Ltd trading as Homeads hereinafter called Homeads make every effort to keep our listings current and accurate, no guarantee is made as to the currency and accuracy and we accept no liability for any inaccuracies or omissions or representations on any listing; 
  • Agreement to rent will be completed between the owner/manager and the user direct.  Upon agreement our involvement ceases and all issues thereafter are a matter of tenancy to be addressed with the owner/manager as detailed on your tenancy agreement. 
  • Homeads does not show you - this is done with the landlord/manager of the property, the supply of their details and/or the supply of your details to them is the service we provide and is deemed and agreed to be an introduction. We can assist in document preparation as and if required;
  • The email address you use is deemed by you as your address for service.  
  • That the information contained in the request to view maybe used by the landlord/manager, Homeads or its associates for the purpose of credit checking and tenancy approval to evaluate if a suitable tenant or not, or to record a default of payment. 
  • Privacy statement: Homeads will not pass the information on to any other company or individual other than for the course of tenancy, credit checking, or for doing a search or default listing (to evaluate if suitable tenant or not, or to record a default on payment) or for accounting purposes, please note court rulings are not private information.
  • terms last reviewed 11/12/2018 at 2:54pm